Bailey "Cortez" Cortese

Director of Media


With a degree in Business Administration and seven plus years of media experience, Esports is what most interests me. With a passion for sports and a lifetime of experience with video games, combining both together just seems to be perfect science. From competing to creating content around Esports, there isn't an aspect that doesn't spark a light and showcase importance to the genre. With being the head of content for Simplicity, I want to create a fan first experience. I want to showcase aspects of not only our players but our organizations lives to our fans and all the people of the world who are interested in Esports so they can get the real look of what Esports is and what goes on within it. From working with a large media group of creators, editors and designers, to working in the field of Esports, the synergies are parallel and will showcase through Simplicity's content and media.