Simplicity enters the genre of EASPORTS NHL and UFC with the acquisition of the number one player on the Xbox platform of “Yung Gren” and top performers of “Sitful, HowToChel, No Regretzkys, and Dmart.” Dmart will also be cross-performing in the title of UFC as Dmart is the number one ranked Canadian who plays UFC competitively in the ESFL “Esports Fight League.” 

Yung Gren:
No Regretzkys:

As Simplicity enters the titles of EASPORTS NHL & UFC, all five competitors will compete in the NHL’s first ever eSports event for a share of a prize pool of $100,000. You can read more here

Gren will be representing Simplicity at the “NHL 18 Snider Hockey Cup” that is being hosted by WorldGaming on Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 at XFINITY LIVE! Philadelphia for a chance at a share of $17,500. 

We spoke with Cortez who is our Head of Content and Talent Acquisitions on the acquisition of the players and for his thoughts and he had to say, 

“As a person that competes in a 6v6 NHL league already, my passion for this game is there and I’m eager to be expanding into the NHL and UFC EASPORTS titles. With having a NBA and English Premier League owner “Jed Kaplan” as our organization owner and managing partner, we value the growth in any sport striving to become an established eSport. We as an organization are beyond excited for the five individuals that we’ve signed. With a spread of representation over North America and some top talent, we’re happy to see what these individuals do with this opportunity as the NHL expands into eSports. As for Dmart with UFC, the ESFL has been continuously expanding since its launch in February, and with Dmart being a top talent in the title and a top talent at NHL, we couldn’t think of anyone better to represent in both titles.”

We spoke to the players on their thoughts of being signed and representing Simplicity moving forward and they said, 

“I cannot wait to compete at the Snider Cup finals in Philadelphia under Simplicity Esports. I plan on making the organization proud, and I hope to follow up with a strong appearance for the NHL Gaming World Championships.”
- YungGren

"I'm extremely excited to be on board with Simplicity, and I can't wait to compete at the highest level in NHL alongside my teammates. I hope to make a big splash into the NHL eSports scene."

- HowToChel

“I’m extremely excited for this opportunity as I consider myself right at the top for NHL eSports, I’m very excited to play with my teammates and friends for Simplicity”
- Sitful

"I'm thrilled for this opportunity, and very thankful to have been granted this chance with Simplicity to make some waves in the NHL eSports community. I look forward to competing alongside some incredible teammates, and am extremely optimistic about the future of our game."
- Regretzkys


“I’m honoured to be the first EASPORTS UFC player to join Simplicity! I’m hoping to making a big splash in the UFC Esports community in 2018. I’m also looking forward to play alongside some of the best EASPORTS NHL players of the past decade. Humbled.”

- Dmart

As Simplicity moves forward, be on the lookout for announcements pertaining to these individuals for when they’re streaming and or competing. Thank you all for your endless support, and remember to #KeepItSimple.