Main Game: Overwatch

Twtich: EvilToaster
Twitter: @EvilToasterOW


EvilToaster is a long time competitive gamer who has delved into multiple genres of competitive and skill based games to learn more and more about playing games at the highest level. From Shoot-em-up's and Speedrunning, to competitive fighting games and FPS's, Toaster draws experience and knowledge from many games to play competitivly in current titles.


Toaster spent years as a competitive fighting game player, becoming a notable threat in Marvel vs Capcom 3, traveling to major tournaments to compete with the best players in the world. He then competed in Overwatch, racking up over 1000 hours in scrims and tournaments to play in Contenders. After dedicating his time to his stream, he became an exclusive solo queue player and ranked into Top 500 every season, and became known as one of the best Orisa players in the world.


Although Toaster competes hard, his stream enviornment is very laid back, with thoughtful commentary and relaxing music. Toaster loves to educate his viewers on his methodical approach to play, and has also given coaching sessions to various players and teams in multiple games. Most viewers however can just learn by watching and listening.