With the explosion of the Battle Royale genre throughout 2017, many developers have jumped into the scene and tried to become the biggest Battle Royal around. Epic Games' very own Fortnite has become one of the fastest growing Battle Royal games too date. It's been able to join the top ranks of twitch with the likes of League of Legends, Dota 2, and its biggest competition, PUBG, after a mere 5 months.

That being said, Simplicity is proud to announce that we have signed our very own Fortnite Battle Royale Team. The roster will consist of Darvelle "Trippy" Levy, Steven "Freezie" Cummings, Aaron "Purrplexx" Mann, and Derek "D3R3K" Edwards. 

"As an experienced Battle Royale Player, I am extremely excited to bring my talents to such a fun game. The game lends itself well to what a Battle Royale should be in esports. Something that is fast, fun, engaging, and easy to follow during an event is key to growing this genre beyond its current boundaries."

 - Darvelle "Trippy" Levy 

"I am truly grateful and humble that Simplicity has taken the chance on me and I am here to show them and my teammates that I am dedicated and motivated to grow as a player. Simplicity has a great and professional Team of Staff who have been nothing but straight-forward and honest with me and I am honored to be apart of the team, Small upcoming streamers like myself have a point to prove. we can compete with the best of the best and Simplicity has seen this and has taken the chance. Now it's our turn to prove that we can compete and Win under a great Organization!"

 - Aaron "Purplexx" Mann

We hope you will follow our team throughout their journey as Battle Royale players and entertainers. You can watch them daily on their twitch channels which can be found under the streamer page on our website.